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JOE CRUZ illustrations

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Joe Cruz is the master of oil pastel; his creations are an inspired mixture of photocopier toner lit up with oil strips of neon color. Unsurprisingly, his work is beautiful both online and in print.

Color is a surefire way to grab attention, but Cruz’s work goes far beyond simply grabbing attention. He manages to maintain contemplation in the viewer by experimenting with theme and composition.

8 Tips to Regain your Motivation


We all have those days when nothing seems to go your way no matter how hard you try. A bad day here and there isn’t too bad, but what do you do if you’re stuck feeling slow and groggy for a while? Here are some tips on how to brighten up and get your groove back.

1) Write your…

30 Days of Art Improvement Challenge


Are you tired of feeling like your art just isn’t improving? Do you want to do a 30-day challenge that’s actually useful? Welcome to 30 Days of Improvement Hell. >:D

I made this because I’ve been feeling super ‘blah’ about my art these days, and I needed something to kick-start myself. Who wants…


when he is over 6ft tall - Vy Le x

Title: Watching Waiting
Artist: holychild
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Watching Waiting | HOLYCHILD 

Watching, waiting, don’t let it fall
And I know it’s not you,

but you’ve never really had it like this after all.


Loretta Young in Loose Ankles, 1930

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